WRTU links w/ @CardoLiberace as he talks music, life, @RichTheKid & more

Cardo Liberace is a new artist on the scene out of New York by way of the Bronx. An artist we recently grown attention to due to a strong push of his latest hit single titled, “Banger” which features on the rise ATL artist Rich The Kid. The artist looks to make quite some noise in 2017 and if he continues with records like ‘Banger’ it is certainly possible. Catch us break it down with the Bronx artist below as he discusses his new single, New York, struggles and overcoming these obstacles. Catch the interview below…

WRTU: Cardo Liberace, what does that stand for and/or how did it come about?
CARDO: Cardo is my first name, birth name, overall shorten version of my legal name. As for the Liberace part, I used to bump a lot of Rick Ross and he used to throw around some line “Geechi Liberace” that’s how I first heard of it. People/mostly rappers relate liberace to wearing a lotta jewelry lol but we gon’ get there. I also learned about some guy liberace, he was a classical pianist or something like that and he used to own a lotta diamonds. And when I was a kid piano was my first step into music so it just made sense, plus it kinda sound fire so that’s how that came about.

WRTU: You’re from NY, what was life like growing up in the city for you?
CARDO: Very fast paced, too many things happening at the same time. You got to toughen up and learn quick while catching on to things fast. You gotta pretty much develop a bit of a tough exterior for what’s going on out here.

WRTU: How long have you been creating music for?
CARDO: Since 14

WRTU: You have a record moving right now with Rich The Kid, how did that link happen?
CARDO: Shout out my guy Mr. Too Official, he made that happen. I gave him a joint, he fucked with it and Rich did a verse.

WRTU: How was it in the studio with RTK?
CARDO: It was an okay vibe, it wasn’t that long of a session cuz shit was done in like 15 mins.

WRTU: What’s Cardo got planned for 2017?
CARDO: More dope records basically, I’m writing nothing but heat.

WRTU: I always have to ask an artist their influences, what has inspired you to make music and the specific genre you provide?
CARDO: My struggles, coming from poverty plays a big part. Not being able to have the things I wanted and being looked down upon. People expecting you to be a nobody and wanting to prove them wrong. Every life experience bad or good counts.

WRTU: What separates you from the rest of your city?
CARDO: The sound is different man. I been working on it for years. I took my time with it.

WRTU: I heard SXSW is in your plans for 2017, what do you have moving out there?
CARDO: We bring ‘Banger’ to SXSW, we turning it up, we getting lit!

Be on the lookout for more from Cardo Liberace in the upcoming months! Until then, follow the artist over on IG and Twitter @CardoLiberace

Catch more of his music on Soundcloud here.