Waco Native Darien Kyle Vents As He Reminisces On Recent Events On “Trapped In”

A man of many talents, finds his balance of Hip-Hop and R&B. Well rounded artist “Darien Kyle” is able to tap into the main elements of Hip-Hop with a great variety of lyrical content but it doesn’t stop there. As a writer he wanted to be able to express himself in full detail, so he coached himself to be able to hold a note (sing) and turns out he did just that. Now mixed with an arsenal of weapons tuned and tweaked to liking artist “Darien Kyle” states “I’ve kind of formed myself to be a hybrid of the rap/sing thing, so I can fill out tracks and control the wave if you will”.

Currently working on releasing his first project, “Darien Kyle” teases us with the release of his new single, available for streaming and download “ Trapped In”

Stream his latest release “Trapped In” below.