There’s A Sexy Trend In Japan Called The ‘Virgin-Killer Sweater’ And We Can Only Pray It Catches On In The U.S.

The last trend that Japan bequeathed to the United States was that ridiculous “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” phenomenon. Japan, you’re better than that; you know it and I know it. I’m willing to forget that dumb trend because Japan has totally redeemed themselves! Apparently, Japan’s latest internet craze is aptly called the “virgin-killing sweater.” And virgins should probably sit this one out because these tantalizing photos could cause you to suffer a spontaneous human cumbustion.

The fashion trend was made popular by titillating bikini and cosplay model Jun Amaki. The 21-year-old busty beauty, who is known as “the woman with the anime body,” has a very particular set of skills that includes wearing an extremely revealing sweater. Gorgeous Jun’s talents fight to burst out of the sweater like a tuna thrashing to get out of a fishing net.

Instagram Photo

Jun is really, really good at fashion.

Instagram Photo

So this sweater has a turtleneck, but has no sides, or back? How exactly does it keep anyone warm?

Instagram Photo

I think all of the virgins just got killed.

Instagram Photo

You can see even hotter photos and videos on scintillating Jun’s Instagram.



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