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New Jersey duo The Peanut Gallery returns to the WRTU pages with their dope new album Tales From The Basement. Made up of crew members Flee Jones and Orlando, the east coast tag team offers up a number of different sounds on their new project including a Travis Scott/Kanye West-esq banger titled “Time Flies By.” The album opens up with “DEEP THOUGHTS” as both artists vent and get a few things off their chest, mainly about being comfortable in their own skin and not worrying about fitting in with the cool crowd. By the time we get to “Choppaz” is hard to tell if The Peanut Gallery is being serious or not. Switching styles so quickly between songs throws me off a little bit as a listener – one minute we were in Hawaii living the good life and the next track we’re in South Side Chicago rapping about guns. The next track that caught my attention was “Sensational,” led off by a classic Marv Albert clip – The Peanut Gallery trades bars back and forth letting their listeners know that no matter what they’re special and awesome. Tales From The Basement is laced with 90’s and 2000’s pop culture references and tells the story of two young men finding their voice and reliving some of their painful teenage memories. Closing out the album is the relationship based track, “Da Realest Pain” and production-wise this might be the highlight of the project with some very chill Rhoades chords leading the way.

Check out New Jersey-based crew The Peanut Gallery and their new album Tales From The Basement plus the music video for “DEEP THOUGHTS.”

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