T.K. Other Realm – “Henchmen” | @TKOtherRealm

Oakland, California artist T.K. Other Realm is preparing to put an end to his 1-year hiatus from the music scene with his forthcoming project, “You-Topia”. This project will serve as a journey through T.K.’s process and all that’s he’s learned and acquired along his quest within self. Most listeners would probably expect a project of such subject matter to play on melancholy or on a conscious rap steez, but you can expect the complete opposite upon this release.

To ready fans for what more is to come, T.K. releases the first single “Henchmen” from his upcoming drop, coming in with a very energetic sound. This initial release feeds off of electronic vibes just as much as his Hip-Hop flavor. T.K. is of a type of artistry one would correlate with The Black Eyed Peas. The sounds are electric and groovy, in the same breath.

Stay tuned for T.K. Other Realms forthcoming work, and in the meantime, stream his new release “Henchmen” below.

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