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    Chael Sonnen Dominates Wanderlei Silva In A Weird Brawl Then Calls Out Fedor Emelianenko At Bellator 180


    After years and years and years of trash talk, matchups falling apart and more trash talk, it was surreal even seeing Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva in the same cage. This was actually happening, and even if both men were well beyond their prime, finally, one of MMA’s nastiest feuds would come to an end. Kinda. The beef will probably never be buried.

    Obviously, there was no glove touch.

    And as expected, Chael shot in on Wand in less than 10 seconds, took him down just like on TUF and then absolutely beat him down as if they’ve been angry at each other for about a half-decade. After multiple minutes of heavy ground and pound, Wand got up and clipped Chael right behind the ear, sending the American Gangster to the mat. Chael would recover and get right back on top.

    Both men would open up the second round with a sloppy flurry that would wobble them both again, then Chael would throw a double leg on Wand once again, but get caught in a deep guillotine that wouldn’t go anywhere. They get stood up, Chael takes Wand down again, as expected.



    As the final bell rang, Wand pushed Chael off, disgusted at everything that just happened while Chael smiled his sly smile. After Sonnen gets his hand raised, Wand shoves him, Chael recovers, bashes New York, talks crap to a flabbergasted Tito Ortiz, then calls out Fedor.

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    Matt Mitrione Knocks Out Fedor Emilianenko After Insane Double Knock Down

    Once upon a time, Fedor Emilianenko was considered the greatest MMA figher ever. Unfortunately it seems like Fedor is a bit past his prime as he’s suffered his fourth loss in MMA career to UFC veteran Matt Mitrione at Bellator 180. Watch as Fedor and Mitrione are involved in a crazy double knockdown which leads to Fedor getting knocked out cold by the former UFC heavyweight.

    Time to hang it up Fedor, this is getting sad.

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    Check Out Sizzling Shots from the Instagram of Lonzo Ball’s Smokeshow Girlfriend

    (Photos: Andy Lyons/Getty Images & @dmoney0414/Instagram)

    A Los Angeles sports prophecy was fulfilled when 19-year-old Lonzo Ball was drafted by the Lakers with no. 2 pick.

    It all played out exactly how his famously outspoken father LaVar Ball had said it would since Lonzo was just a kid with big hoop dreams. Lonzo doesn’t owe his infamous pops any favors though: he became a star point guard at UCLA in his own right. 

    Regarding Ball’s prowess on the court, The Los Angeles Times said:

    No, he’s probably not better than Stephen Curry just yet, but Lonzo Ball definitely has the skills to excel at the next level. As a pass-first point guard, Ball has supreme court vision and basketball IQ, which complements his deadly outside shot. His 8.1 assists per 40 minutes ranks second out of all players in the draft, but he’ll have to cut down on his 18% turnover ratio to lead an efficient NBA offense.

    He clearly has game outside the court, too. 

    Ball is in a long-term relationship with UC Riverside athlete and serious hottie Denise Garcia

    Yes, she absolutely does have a smoking Instagram account.

    We’ll be keeping a close eye on this budding hoops legend, and looking for his girl in the sidelines.

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    Draymond Green Cursed Out Warriors GM After Team Drafted Jordan Bell In NBA Draft

    NBA TV

    Draymond Green was not happy that he was not consulted about the Warriors latest draft pick. On Friday,, Warriors GM Bob Myers spoke to the media and said that the Warriors star forward cussed him out after the team drafted Oregon’s Jordan Bell in the second round of the draft.

    “Draymond texted me as I was driving home and he said, ‘What the’ and then expletive ‘is your problem?’ to me. So you can fill in the blank. Then he said, ‘I have to hear about this ‘expletive’ on the internet, you didn’t expletive ‘tell me about it!’ So I couldn’t text and drive so I called him and I said, ‘OK, all right, calm down.’”

    Green should probably considering that so many people are saying that Bell is the biggest steal of this year’s NBA draft

    h/t Uproxx Sports

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    Klay Thompson Tried To Pull Off A One-Handed 360 Dunk And It Couldn’t Have Gone Any Worse

    Getty Image

    Klay Thompson is one of the very best basketball players on earth. He kind of gets lost among all the superstars on the Golden State Warriors, but Thompson is a fantastic player. While he’s not Draymond Green, he is a very good defender. And on offense, when Thompson gets hot, he is among the most dangerous players in the NBA.

    But the thing with Thompson’s offensive game is that it’s largely predicated around his ability to shoot the basketball. This is completely fine, because he’s a fantastic shooter, but he’s never going to be considered a thunderous dunker or anything.

    For proof of this, we take you to China, where Thompson tried to show off his ups. It went about as poorly as humanly possible. Thompson attempted a one-handed 360 dunk, failed, and then tried again. His second attempt went worse than his first.

    Oh Klay, no. We know he can dunk — here is a clip of him yamming on Kevin Durant from before KD joined the Warriors — but trying a dunk like this is a bit ambitious for most people, let alone a guy like Thompson who isn’t exactly known for his ability to throw down. I guess when you have two championship rings, you may get a little overconfident and attempt one-handed 360s when that’s not really your game.

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    Footage Of Meek Mill’s Crew Attempting To Jump Safaree Has Emerged

    Well, apparently Safaree wasn’t lying when he said Meek Mill’s boys jumped him in Los Angeles, from the looks of it they just did a terrible job. It didn’t take long for footage to emerge of the scuffle, and while it doesn’t appear that Meek did anything himself, he was definitely there as everything unfolded.

    The video starts calmly enough, with Safaree greeting somebody on the sidewalk when suddenly an SUV emerges and Meek opens a door and hops out, and from there all hell breaks loose. In an instant someone is taking a swing at Safaree, and he takes off running. Unfortunately for him, he’s outnumbered and runs into a crowd of people taking swings at him. They’re all fairly unsuccessful, and you can see why Safaree was able to record a response video immediately without a scratch on his face or a wrinkle on his shirt. Nearly every punch misses and Safaree is about as elusive as a running back with quick feet.

    Eventually he escapes fully, and someone in a suit gets a few good licks and a nice body slam in on one of the culprits before it all ends. Meek is never seen in the scuffle, something that will likely please his probation officer, but he conspicuously appeared the moment everything popped off so who knows if there will be legal ramifications for him.

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    Old Newspaper Quote Proves That LaVar Ball Wasn’t Much Of A Basketball Player In College

    Throughout the past year, LaVar Ball has insisted that he would have beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one if they had met in college. However, it turns out that Ball wasn’t that great of a basketball player during his college years at Washington State. Here is an old quote from LaVar’s college coach Kelvin Sampson talking about Ball and his inability to score.

    Of course, the man who average 2.2 points a game in college and “couldn’t score 20 points if locked in a barn for two hours” thinks he’s going to beat the GOAT in a game of one-of-one.

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    Drake, Offset And Metro Boomin Got The Banger Of The Summer With ‘No Complaints’

    Getty Image

    OVO Sound has long been a treasure trove of Drake music but Drizzy and his crew may have outdone themselves with the latest installment after they unleashed a track that just might be the banger of the summer. The new track appears to be a part of whatever Metro Boomin has planned for this summer, and he couldn’t have tapped into the market any better by tossing Drake and Offset onto one of his thumping productions for “No Complaints.”

    Metro let loose that he had something on the way last night when he posted the artwork for the track on Instagram with the warning “tomorrow night #haterswillsayitsphotoshop.”

    Instagram Photo

    He was probably right, as the combination would have sounded too good to be true, but Metro kept his promise with the new song. Offset handles most of the heavy lifting, offering a verse and a hook and doing his normal scene-stealing thing, even next to a star with the oversized gravitational pull of Drake.

    Still, Drake does his damnedest to match his counterpart, riding the beat with ease and fitting in right next to the Migos rapper. Drake approaches the track a little different than Offset, with a stuttering flow that clashes perfectly with Offset’s jibber jabber approach. Whatever Metro has cooking up this was as good a start as he could hope for, and now we just wait for whatever other superstar mixes he’s waiting to unleash this summer.

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    The Internet Went Wild With Opinions About Eminem’s Beard

    Instagram Photo

    In terms of some of the wilder things Eminem has done throughout his career, you’d think growing out some facial hair would rate pretty low on the list. I mean, this is a guy who once wrote a whole song about killing his wife and disposing her dead body with his daughter. And who among us could ever forget that weird feud with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Based on the reaction from social media however, you would be wrong.

    Folks couldn’t believe that Em, after all these years, would finally decide to grow out the hair on his face. The dude just popped up at the premiere of an upcoming HBO documentary series about the relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine called The Defiant Ones, and casually debuted his new look like it was nothing. Let me tell you, it was not nothing to all the Stans out there.

    Some people took it as a sign that whatever album he’s going to put out next is going to be a surefire masterpiece.

    Others simply wanted to clown the ever-loving hell out of him.

    One person noted that Em called this shot all the way back in 2002.

    I personally love the beard-truthers out there.

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    Phillip Kessler Drops The Spacey New Track “Pulsar”


    Phillip Kessler returns to the We Run The Underground pages with his spacey new single, “Pulsar.” Driven by a pulsating arpeggio, Phillip hypnotizes his audience from the very first listen. Clocking in at just under 9 minutes, “Pulsar” never drops in and supplies no drums but rather a spacey, lush groove to vibe along with. Hailing from Switzerland, Phillip has been producing music since 2013 and has released two full-length projects Orbit To Nowhere and A Light From The Past. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Massive Attack and Stellardome, Phillip is guaranteed to add his own spin things when it comes to production.

    Take a listen to Pulsar by Phillip Kessler and let us know what you think!

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    ReadyRockDee (Of Rowdy City) Joins Lil Tracy On “XoXo Tour”

    Just Announced: ReadyRockDee (Of Rowdy City) joins Lil Tracy on the upcoming “XoXo Tour”
    7/5 Virginia Beach, VA: Shakas
    7/6 Washington, DC: Tropicalia
    7/7 Philadelphia, PA: The Voltage Lounge
    7/8 NYC: Webster Hall
    7/9 Long Island, NY: Amityville Music Hall
    7/12 Rochester, NY: California Brew Haus

    As ReadyRockDee gears up for his solo summer EP release of “Someone. They’ll. Always. Remember, he hits the road with rising star “Lil Tracy” for an east coast run that stops at Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Long Island, and Rochester NY. He brings along MHE’s own Richie Pe$o, Teezy Money and Shadyville DJ’s DJ Superior. Tickets to all shows are available now.

    Follow ReadyRockDee on all social media: