‘I Need To Meet You Tonight’ – Taylor Swift’s Stalker Arrested And His Disturbing Tweets Are Revealed

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Taylor Swift’s delusional stalker who sent her dozens of disturbing messages on Twitter was arrested this week after he was caught outside her apartment in New York City and even climbing on the roof of complex. Mohammed Jaffar was arrested on March 9 for stalking and burglary. This comes after he was caught by security cameras wandering the hallways of Swift’s apartment on Feb. 6. He has also been stalking Swift on Twitter and sent the singer creepy messages as far back as 2014.

Jaffar’s delusional obsession with the singer made him think he had a chance with Swift and sent her disturbing messages on Twitter.

TMZ is reporting that this Twitter account belongs to Jaffar, and here are some of the disturbing tweets and poems that he sent the pop star.

Christ sake. This guy thinks he’s John Cusack in “Say Anything.”

Lettuce see if you enjoy jail.

Guys can be so fucking creepy.


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