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New Jersey native, “singer/songwriter NBDY (pronounced Nobody)  emerges onto the scene with his single “Used To” where he pours his heart out to his ex expressing feelings of remorse and loneliness over a chill RnBass track produced by Queens based producer JNTHN.” (-RnBass) The song, alongside the visual, first premiered via RnBass.com and has since received a critical response from music curators and industry professionals across the web such as Ro James.
NBDY, born Kris James, however, is no amateur when it comes to the the music. Stemming from a musical background, singing and playing instruments came naturally to the 23 year old raised in Essex county. At age 13 he used writing as an outlet to deal with his ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety. “Music kept me alive. It kept me out of the streets… I would’ve fallen victim to my demons and my city a long time ago if I never picked up a pen.” 
In 2012 he began posting covers on YouTube with a friend under “Kris Aaron” leading them to viral success. However, after partnering with YouTube, appearing on BET, and releasing an album, they parted ways due to artistic and personal differences. Shortly after, his relationship with his girlfriend of 3 years fell apart, ushering him into isolation. During his hiatus, he channeled these events into his songwriting (something he struggled with previously) ultimately inspiring him to adopt the moniker, NBDY. “Growing up I got ignored a lot. Can’t really remember a time when I didn’t feel invisible; insignificant, like I was no one. It doesn’t bother me now like it did then, but the fact that I got used to it keeps me up at night. Now, I’m up at night plotting my next move while everyone’s sleep. That’s what makes me work hard. I have so much to say. I’ve survived a lot! From getting crossed by people that I thought was down for me, heartbreaks, to losing everything I held close, music has always risen me from my own ashes. She’s always been that anchor.” ~ Matt P.

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