Music 101 with Publicist Kisha Scott


How did you land in Music PR?
It was honestly, by accident. I started at Music Choice working in marketing. Then worked under the G-Unit umbrella, worked at a company that managed producers, then landed at a digital publicity agency where I gained experience and eventually went indie.

What’s the scariest thing about working for yourself?
Not knowing when that check is coming in, Lol. There’s that aspect and probably being scared of falling behind current trends. That fear fuels me and forces me to work harder.

Being indie for 6 years is an accomplishment, what are some key ingredients?
It’s important to have mentors. I’ve learned from the best. My mentor / brother is Sha Money XL who put me under his wing and offered much guidance. He gave me my first shot on the label side. He pushed me and shared a lot of jewels. Staying on trend is key, learning what’s coming next in terms of technology, media outlets, and new developments in music. Having a great support system to lean on is crucial. Being passionate about the music and the artist you work. Making sure to deliver on every project. Maintaining relationships is the foundation of PR. Finally, keeping a positive circle around you. A tight circle that inspires you.


Who have you worked with?
Raekwon was my first indie project. Special shout out to him & his team for believing in me. That’s my family until this day. I’ve also worked Future’s artist Zoey Dollaz, an artist Earlly Mac under Big Sean’s camp, Tyrese, Missy Elliott’s artist Sharaya J, Slum Village, Consequence just to name off a few. Right now, I’m focused on Teenear who’s a rising singer from Miami and Love & Hip Hop’s Sofi Green.

What can we expect from you in 2017?
More clients with exceptional gifts and continuing to build a bigger team. I’m starting that now. It’s not just me handling the day to day anymore. I work with a handful of people that are talented and further enhancing the campaigns. We’re linking up with other companies, joining together, to make a bigger impact.

If you weren’t doing Music PR what would you be doing?
I’d open an art gallery, write a few books, or be a chef in a low-key restaurant.. something along those lines.. I still have time to do those things.

Kisha’s Diner?
Exactly, but we might have to change that name though.. Lol

Where can people find you?
I’m on instagram @gameclients or @kishaascott