It Looks Like DJ Khaled Finally Got Those Drake Vocals He’s Been Waiting On

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How many times have you heard DJ Khaled ask “Have the Drake vocals come in yet?” in the last few weeks? If it’s not every time you open the iconic Miami producer’s Snapchat, it almost certainly feels like it. Khaled has been waiting for a minute for Drizzy to drop a contribution into his upcoming album Grateful, and last night, the 6 God apparently delivered.

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Khaled posted up a series of photos to his Instagram of himself with none other than Champagne Papi, palling around in the studio. In the caption section for most of the photos he wrote, “[Drake] vocals is in !!! #GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING”

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In a short, minute-long video, thrown up at the end of the night, Khaled asked for the final time, “Hey yo Drake, Did the Drake vocals come in yet?” Drizzy just put his hand on the producer’s shoulder and said, “Chill. You know everything is top secret.”

Even more enticingly, Drake also implied that they might have more than just one song in the can when he said, “Yo Khaled, if I learned one thing from you, when I was younger, it was, ‘Why give them one, when you can give them…another one.’” A smirking Khaled could only reply, “I like that.”

At this point you’d probably have a better chance of getting details about Grateful from Khaled’s less-than-one-year old son Asahd who is the album’s executive producer.

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