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Arizona based artist Seanloui makes his We Run The Underground debut with the heartbreaking yet danceable new single, “Tell Me.” After finding out his partner of 4 years was cheating on him, Seanloui wears his heart and emotions on his sleeve in his latest single airing out all his ex’s dirty laundry. Sean’s raw emotion is almost overlooked because the production on “Tell Me” is so good. With touches of autotune vocals, and arpeggiating pianos carrying the weight of the track – Seanloui fits in perfectly asking for his lover back, while also releasing this song as a final chapter in a relationship gone wrong. Dubbing how own music “Euro Pop R&B” it’s easy to see why with one listen, bouncy drums and smooth vocals put a great finishing touch on Sean’s home recorded jams. After deciding to fully pursue music at the age of 20 while traveling back and forth from California to Arizona, Seanloui now has his sites set on brand new self-titled album to be released sometime soon.

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More info on Seanloui:
Seanloui Dumas recorded his first single W.A.I.S.T.D while traveling between Arizona and California. With the help of his friend and local Tucson musician and producer Mike Almeroth, he crafted the sound that would be dubbed “Euro R&B Pop”. In 3 weeks, he wrote and recorded the song that would gain the attention and ears of the music industry at home and abroad.

W.A.I.S.T.D was recorded at a home studio in Tucson, Arizona, with no air conditioning and homeowner’s canine companion. On vocals and instrumentation, “Everything was done with a 90’s vibe mindset. Yet still capturing the ’emotional’ style I grew up with living in Orange County California,” says Seanloui, who played very few of the instruments heard on the single. “I found myself in a place where I knew I wasn’t the best person in the room regarding producing my own music. It was incredibly frightening, yet humbling, and it caused me to really rely and value the other musicians and ideas in the room.”

Growing up in an incredibly musical family surrounded by Los Angeles’s diverse music industry has heavily influenced Seanloui’s songwriting and musicianship. He spent most of his formative days playing in and out of churches, and with a family musical legacy to inspire him, spent his free time learning new instruments and practicing for hours on borrowed guitars and drum sets, after receiving lessons in music theory from a friend’s father.

At 20, Seanloui began recording his own music at a friend’s studio in Los Angeles, gaining the attention of a songwriting group that asked him to share his songwriting skills to provide more material for the next Beyonce album. “I remember sitting there wondering how I got here and what was next for me,” recalls Seanloui. Years later, by chance, he met with a touring indie band named Signals that recruited him to join them. After 4 years as the 2nd guitarist and songwriter for Signals, he set his sights on releasing his first single “Tell Me”, with the solo project that bears his first name as simply “Seanloui”.

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