Lil Dicky’s ‘Pillow Talking’ Video Is A Warning Against Existential Conversations With A One Night Stand

Last we heard from Lil Dicky he was getting ethered by Nick Cannon (?) with an Iggy Azalea sub — things are better today. His brand new video “Pillow Talking” is practically a Father/Awful Records impression, but after a couple of awkward post-coitus conversation hiccups, he gets stoned and begins to ask his date about aliens invasions and then the whole discussion gets super existential.

A virtual brain pops up, then God — played by John C. Reilly — and the subject turns to extinction of the dinosaurs and whether or not it’s ethical to eat animals. Obviously, this isn’t a typical rap video, or even a typical Lil Dicky video, and since it spans ten minutes it falls more into the short film category than music video. There is something hilarious about the conceit of bringing home a one night stand for purely carnal reasons and then getting into a super intense philosophical discussion.

The clip ends when the couple get into a fight about what to order on the pizza, and Dicky’s date reveals that she’s a vegetarian, which leads to such an intense argument that she decides she doesn’t even want to sleep in the same bed as Dicky. Still, he refuses to “throw her to the wolves” and opts to sleep on the floor — with the entire pepperoni pizza he ordered. Watch it above, and take it as a good warning not to have an in-depth conversation with a one night stand.


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