Let’s Watch April The Giraffe Kick Some Dude In The Dick

Despite the world possibly on the brink of World War III, all everybody was concerned with this weekend was if and when April the giraffe was going to give birth. Awesome. Apparently, millions of people were consumed with the birth of April the giraffe, which makes me ponder if the terrorists are actually right. Well, on Saturday, April popped out a four-legged spawn.

While this momentous occasion fulfilled many giraffe accouchement enthusiasts, I for one found a more entertaining moment following the birth. There was a moment after the birth of the unnamed giraffe that April kicked a veterinarian in the nuts. Pretty fucking ungrateful if you ask me.

POW!!! Right in the babymaker!

This isn’t the first time that April has kicked a human. The cantankerous giraffe kicked a person last month.

Just a heads up. The baby giraffe is currently unnamed and you could name “Harambe” if you felt so inclined.



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