James Funkk Teams Up With Denero Degrate To Release His Self-Titled Album “James Funkk”

After releasing the “Just Four” EP earlier this year, James Funkk teams with Denero Degrate to release his self-titled album “James Funkk”. Denero provides funky baselines from beginning to end while Funkk holds no punches with his raw but compelling content. The 11 song audio time capsule is kicked off by “Denero’s Intro”; which sets the tone for this soulful, funky and un-apologetically southern album.

The name James Funkk is inspired by Parliment Funkadelic and George Clinton. The P-Funk was ahead of its time, incorporating classically trained musicians, street hustlers and passionate artists to create a sound that was not afraid to be different from the mainstream sound of its time. “James Funkk” is true to this formula by mixing street knowledge with the pioneering sound of the 3rd coast and adding true testaments of set backs along with personal growth.

As the landscape is full of sound waves pumped by 808 drums and trap music about the “turn up”, this album features songs like “Gotta Shake” and “TIME” that takes a step back from the lust of the “TRAP” and drug trade to explain the inevitable pitfalls of chasing materialistic things and vanity. “Pimp” picks up where 2017’s “Seed Grow” ,from SHMX Sessions, left off as the second chapter in the POP’S SONG series. Being honest, self aware and vulnerable at times is the overall driving force behind this collections of songs while Denero’s second to none production gives the project life.

Stream James Funkk below.