Interview: V-LO The Maestro talks new single “Ready”, signing with Rocnation’s Equity Distribution and more | @vlosworld

V-LO The Maestro is a musician, actor and overall entertainer who has been leveling up for years now. Making his mark throughout the south and abroad with country-tinged records he has recently found himself aligning with Rocnation’s Equity Distribution. V-LO released the first single through them last week, entitled “Ready” featuring southern legend Project Pat. With so much going on in his career we at WRTU sat with him to get some insight behind the artist.

Hey V-LO, give us a bit of background info for anyone getting hip to you through this interview?

– I grew up in Washington, Louisiana and I’ve been having a passion for music since I was a child. I’ve been able to do some amazing things thus far in my music career. I’m also an actor so I stay pretty busy.

You’re an artist who has accomplished a good bit in the industry throughout your time in it. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned about the industry during your journey?

– I’ve learned a whole lot since being in this industry. One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that you can’t depend on every single person in this industry. You have to lay the foundation down yourself and get established. Once you do that everything will fall into place for you.

What made you want to become involved in music anyway? Have you always felt like you may become a rapper or did it develop over time?

I used to always sit in front of the TV after school as a child and watch Jay-Z, Nas, and Ludacris’ music videos. I was highly intrigued by it all. I used to always wonder what would it take to be that talented and creative. I always felt that I would become a rapper because I used to always imagine myself in a music video. I know it sounds crazy but I used to always do that. I knew imagining myself doing it would one day turn into me actually doing it.

You recently signed a deal with Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution. What made you want to join the roster they have over there?

– I always wanted to be a part of something that made me feel like family. And that’s what the entire Rocnation company is about. I love the fact that Rocnation’s Equity Distribution is getting bigger and bigger. They have so much to offer artists to help enhance their career. The platform that Jay-Z created for artists like myself is remarkable.

You haven’t been there very long but so far are you enjoying the partnership? What has been different for you?

– Yes I definitely am enjoying it. I’m seeing a difference in my career already. I have full control of my career and at the same time I get to take advantage of the services offered by Rocnation’s Equity Distribution. When my projects are released now they go under one platform. Before my projects were scattered all over. They also have their own radio station that gives artist consistent radio play. And we have the ability to join tours and perform all over the world.

How do you feel the deal puts you in a position to succeed on an even higher level?

– This deal has given me the opportunity to be part of something very remarkable and it gives me access to a lot of things that I didn’t have access to before. Now when I release music I can look forward to it being available in a lot more markets than what it used to be in. This is a bigger company than what I was used to in the past. The opportunities are endless here.

We just got your new single “Ready” just in time to heat up some summer parties. What can you tell us about the record’s inspiration?

– My song “Ready” was inspired by my get up and go attitude. I like to always stay ready when there is something for me to do or accomplish. I never like being behind or coming in second place. I love to always stay ready and prepared for what’s in front of me no matter what.

You worked with the legendary Project Pat on the track. What was the experience like collaborating with him?

– The experience was super cool man. Project Pat is one of those guys that will get on your song and give it all he’s got. He’s a legend in the music game so I have a whole lot of experience into this song. I couldn’t have asked for a better featured artist. I love the way this song came out with him on it.

It’s still early in the release cycle but how has the response for you been thus far?

– Everybody started showing me so much love the moment this record was released. I’ve been getting DJ’s asking for the record, blogs have been picking up the story behind this record, and everybody has been uploading it on their YouTube channels. I’m very thankful for the support from everyone.

Can we expect a visual for “Ready” as well?

– Yes everyone can definitely expect a visual for this record. It’s doing well already without a video so I definitely will be doing a video for it.

With the single comes the obvious question of is a new project on the way? If so what can you tell us about what to expect?

– My new album is definitely on the way. I haven’t dropped an album in over three years. I’m so sorry to keep my fans waiting but perfection takes time. And my promise to them is that when my new album releases they gonna have a classic album from me to listen to.

What else should people be on the lookout for from you as we close out 2019?

– They should be on the lookout for more visuals from me and a lot more TV and movie appearances. My new album is dropping soon so get ready.

Any last words before we wrap things up?

– I just want to tell everyone out there that I’m very thankful for their support. I couldn’t have accomplished as much as I did without them. You guys keep me going because of the love and support I receive. Thank you guys so much for supporting my talent.