Future Confirms Another Album Called ‘HNDRXX’ Will Be Out This Week

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Following the somewhat-surprise release of his new self-titled album, rumors popped up that he would be following it up quickly with yet another official record. Last night, he confirmed just that by sharing the news on Instagram in a series of posts. In the first, above, he wrote: “The album I always wanted to make, timing is everything & with that being said #HNDRXX link in my bio.” A pre-order to purchase the album on iTunes with a release date of this Friday, 2/24, is in his bio, and here. The track titles are as yet unlisted.

Then, he posted a follow up ‘gram with a longer story.

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Full caption copied below without stylistic changes:

who told u, you couldn’t b exactly who u wanted to be? They lied, they wasn’t bold they didn’t have the ambition they didn’t have the courage they was mislead they didn’t believe in they self when no one else would they cared about what other people thought of them they gave up not knowing god wouldn’t give u more than u could handle they didn’t sew seeds they didn’t have the passion they didn’t have the drive they didn’t tell u all of there flaws because they was scared of not being accepted by there peers they said I can’t I tried I need help but not me #HNDRXX

So look for that new album Friday, or, if we’re being honest, probably late Thursday night. Hopefully this one won’t be as wearily cohesive as Future was. He was also on Fallon last night to perform “Draco,” which you can watch below.


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