Emily Ratajkowski Walking A Dog In NYC Wearing Just Some Sexy Lingerie Is A Must-See

YouTube – DKNY

Today a video was released showing Emily Ratajkowski walking a dog around New York City wearing just a bra and panties because, well, who the hell cares why?

Okay, fine. If you must know. Remember back in January when we shared a photo of Emily Ratajkowski walking around NYC in her bra and panties? If not, here you go…

Instagram Photo

This picture, unbeknownst to us, was also part of this same secret plan…

Instagram Photo

Back then we had no idea what she was going, you know, other than being really sexy.

Now it turns out that the whole scene was for a DKNY lingerie ad campaign, AKA one of the best ad campaigns ever.

Ratajkowski also posted this photo at the same time as the DKNY photo above saying it was for a “secret project in NYC…coming to you March 2017” so there could be even more goodies on the way.

Instagram Photo

In the meantime, how about a couple more pics to hold us over until her other secret is revealed?

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Good stuff.

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