Drake’s ‘More Life’ Will Reportedly Be An Apple Music Exclusive For Two Weeks

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The countdown to Drake’s new album/playlist More Life is officially underway. The 6 God announced his new project will arrive on March 18 and fans are already in a stupor over their chance to hear some new Drake tracks. It turns out, if they want to hear it they’re probably going to have to get Apple Music, at least for a few weeks.

HitsDailyDouble reports More Life will have 20 tracks and is expected to be an Apple exclusive for two weeks, a period of exclusivity that the company expects will net them 1,000,000 new subscribers. If their projections materialize, just two months of service from those new subscribers would recoup the reported $19 million Apple gave Drake back in 2015 to work with the company in various roles.

With numbers that high, the question is raised once again: Why do artists even need record labels these days? Drake and The Weeknd have rode their Apple deals into record-breaking streaming numbers that have in turn skewered their sales figures for the better.

For Apple it’s a win-win. Not only are they seeing huge returns on their investments, but they’ve also become the streaming home for the most popular music in the world, and for a time, exclusively so. Needless to say, the gamble to take a foray into the streaming market is paying off big time for the house that Steve Jobs built.


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