D-Danger parlays success of Youngest1’z success into new solo career



NEW ORLEANS, LA – The name of D-Danger’s latest EP is the perfect statement of his place in the music industry right now. After years making successful music with his brother and cousin as part of the hip-hip trio known as the Youngest1’z, D-Danger is branching out on his own as a solo artist. His new EP, “I’m Back Like I Left Something,” is his breakout project. It’s his way of showing the world who he is and what he can bring to the table.


“I’m trying to show everybody I have so many styles that I’m diverse,” he said. “Every dog has its day, and it’s my time to shine.”


D-Danger said the solo project comes with the blessing of his brother and cousin – that there was no tumultuous split from the group. In fact, he considers it divine providence that each of them are pursuing their own paths, and he’s thankful for the time they had together and the music they were able to create – for many reasons, but top of which is because of the platform it created for all of them to continue to grow their careers.


“People aren’t looking at groups anymore, they’re looking at solo artists,” he said. “We can all get more money as solo artists and get label deals instead of a group deal. We’re still going to put out projects together in the future, but right now we’re doing singles and solo projects.”


The New Orleans-based trio first started pursuing music together professionally about seven years ago. In the years since they’ve had multiple tours, thousands of radio spins worldwide and even endorsements from big-name artists such as Nicki Minaj, who recently tweeted “They Are Next.”


D-Danger is using the momentum from Youngest1’z success and hoping to ride it into a solo career that will go even farther. “I’m Back Like I Left Something” has two singles that he’s already dropped that are already starting to make waves among fans.


The first single, “Made A Way,” has two features – a rapper and a singer – and is something he describes as a “mainstream song that could play in the club or at home.” The second single, “Acrobat Flipped It,” was produced by Drumma Boy and is a totally different vibe”, he said. It features more of a trap sound with some vocals from D-Danger. More than anything, these singles will display the kind of energy and unique sound he wants to bring to the table.


“I’m an entertainer,” he said. “I go by sound more than lyrics, but I’m very lyrical, as well. I think I have a unique and amazing sound.”


Anyone who wants to check out “I’m Back Like I Left Something” can download the EP on any digital platform, including iTunes, Worldstar, Spotify and more. Fans can also check out music videos from D-Danger and Youngest 1’z on the group’s YouTube page. And fans who want to follow D-Danger on social media can do so on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.




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