Create The Culture Previews New EP CREATE With 2 New Singles | @CTCSound

Making their We Run The Underground debut is the Canadian based vocal group, Create The Culture with their two new singles “On Road” + “Found My Way.” Drenched in autotune, CTC rides the waves of the new swagged out R&B movement, lead by artists Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, and more. Adding their own touch to things, Create The Culture twists up the narrative and give listeners a unique flavor of soul music with their two new releases. Splitting time between 4 members: Ace, Kaiba, Pascal, bk Fire – CTC works like a laid back R&B version of Migos – intertwining each other’s verses with adlibs and harmony. With love being their universal message, Create The Culture first began recording with a version of Fruity Loops and computer microphone in their mom’s basement and soon discovered a passion for the music and art.

Stream “On Road” and “Found My Way” below and be on the lookout for Create The Culture’s new EP CREATE dropping November 1st!


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