The Breakfast Club Interviews Scarface

Morning Fix. Brad Jordan is on his promo run for his new memoir, Diary of a Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap and visited Power 105 this morning. The book is avaialbe for purchase here. Scarface stops by “The Breakfast Club” to have a conversation about all kinds of shit!! He speaks on his new book “Diary of A Madman” why he wanted to kill himself and why he’s glad he didn’t, almost dying due […]

Jay Electronia Interview On Nigeria Radio

Jay Sandiego. If you’re looking for Act II: Patents Of Nobility or Jay Electronica for that matter, he’s currently in Lagos, Nigeria. This morning, he gave an interview with local station The Beat 99.9 FM. He discussed his origins, Kanye West,  Roc Nation and more. That album’s never coming out.

The Breakfast Club Interviews Turk

Hot Girl From his earlier days at Cash Money to the issues today, original and former Hot Boy Turk told all during his visit with The Breakfast Club. Here’s what went down. Turk of the Hot Boys stops by “The Breakfast Club” to have a conversation about everything he’s been going thru. Says Birdman never paid him, says things were never right from the start, says he knows he’s owed more than 1.3 million but he will feel solid with that […]

Tech N9ne & MURS On The Breakfast Club

The Independent Club. Accompanied by Strange Music’s recent signee, MURS, Tech N9ne visited The Breakfast Club this morning. They spoke on being independent, turning down a $60 million major deal, Tidal, lyrics in music, their individual projects and much more.
dj kool herc

DJ Kool Herc On ‘The Combat Jack Show’

Father Knows Best. Kool Herc, the man responsible for this thing of ours, recently kicked it on The Combat Jack Show. For a hour and a half he spoke on his origins, creating hip-hop, drugs, and everything in between. Dig in your pocket and pay homage. The father of Hip Hop Kool Herc gives us a very rare interview documenting the birth of Hip Hop, how he ran the game throughout the 1970’s, how his man Coke La Rock was […]

Killer Mike On Kendrick Lamar Shout Out

Salute. “Critics wanna mention that they miss when hip-hop was rappin’/ muthafucka if you did then Killer Mike would be platinum.” That’s what Kendrick Lamar waxed on “Hood Politics” from his recent offering, To Pimp A Butterfly. MTV caught up with Mike to get his thoughts on the lyric and TDE. This feels like Hov’s “Talib Kweli” line all over again.

The Breakfast Club Interviews Tink

Get On The Grind. Newcomer Tink made her Breakfast Club debut this morning. She spoke on her upbringing, the message behind her music, her “Ratchet Commandments“, Lauryn Hill comparisons, meeting Timbaland and more.

Kendrick Lamar Returns To Breakfast Club

Loving Yee Is Complicated While in New York this week, K-Dot was back with The Breakfast Club. He spoke on the early release of To Pimp A Butterfly, the artwork, favorite tracks, social issues in his music, Run The Jewels, the interview with Tupac, his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend and more. Congrats!   Previously: During his New York visit, Kendrick returned to The Breakfast Club. He broke down the meaning of his “i‘ record, forthcoming album, expectations,  upcoming track “King Kunta”, last week’s performance […]

Rihanna On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Better Have My Twizzler Rihanna spent April Fools Day with Jimmy Kimmel. In addition to her very own prank on Jimmy, she spoke on her new single, upcoming album and participated in Twizzler Challenge for Autism.