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AKA Zae (@ZaeDaKid) – Sauce Plug (ft. @Team_98KB)

A.K.A Zae is a fresh rapper on the scene from Clermont, FL who has the “Sauce Plug” with the catchy chorus “I got the sauce (yea) (yea) you do not got it.” A noticeable line he mentions in his verse is “I got some plugs thats trying to make moves, can’t wait till I get […]

Kourvioisier – “Drive On”

Kourvioisier is currently working on his debut album ‘No Drive,’ but in the process of creating, his focus shifted into the creation of this project entitled ‘Drive On (Prelude).’ He is not back to work on the album, but at least we have 10 tracks to hold us over until then.