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Listen To Eso.Xo.Supreme’s New Single, Do It

Eso.Xo’s relentless ambition to create has given us a new project entitled, Monsters. With production from previous collaborators including, Stewart Villain and YoungFrenchy 808, plus new the introduction of Retro1 this cohesive unit sets a beautiful mood throughout Monsters. The vibes luring over the spacey, chill, downtempo beats provide a dark backdrop from Eso’s dark love songs. Monsters was […]

Randy P – Demons [Video] | @JuiceHarden

Mighty Million
I love a video with a treatment. These days in music video it’s all about being in a cool location doing performance shots. That’s cool but everyone does that. Randy P creates a masterpiece and a deep story. Remember listening to Jay Z where he would paint a picture in your head. The video from […]

Logan – Pray for the World | @ToyHollow

Mighty Million
Georgia artist Logan is brand new to the blog scene. He’s decided to put his best foot forward with his single “Pray For The World”. Record is right on time because the world really does need a prayer. Logan has created a sound that’s rock influenced with hip hop. Have to admit this is a […]

Scartobe Galante – “LeBron James”

Niyah Nel
After earning a local reputation being known as the local kingpin like his upcoming album title suggests, Scartobe Galante is dropping an anthem for the streets of Cleveland as the Cleveland Cavaliers ring in a new basketball year as the reigning champions of the NBA. On the track dubbed “LeBron James” that will be featured […]