Canaan Smith Just Released Your Summer Anthem

From the first guitar squeal and tambourine shaking, you know Canaan Smith’s new single, “Like You That Way” is demanding your attention –and once that beat dropped, it does not disappoint. Canaan Smith broke his ground in country music with his 2015 debut album Bronco featuring his hit ballad, “Love You Like That.” Last Friday, Canaan released “Like You That Way” and it is the best continuation to his career.

If there’s one thing Canaan is good at, it’s taking different musical styles and brilliantly incorporating them into his work. “Hole In A Bottle” (from Bronco) had an introductory guitar riff that sounded like an 80s rock band. The chorus vocals on “Two Lane Road” (also Bronco) were very new age pop for a country artist; but Canaan flawlessly made both work. Once again, Canaan has mixed a few styles together with this single and makes it look effortless. In the second verse – where he is ALMOST rapping – it’s as if he took a little bit of Barenaked Ladies, rolled them in country, and added a dash of old-school Maroon 5.

Another aspect of this single that makes it totally ear-worthy is the underlying instrumentation. Like I mentioned earlier, this song will have you grooving all day and night. The drums provide the perfect beat for clapping along and shaking your hips and there are also three different guitar sounds. But the real star of this single is the bassline. The bass was so prominent and provided the extra umph that makes the single more attractive to the ears, the hips, and the heart.

Last, but definitely the best, is the lyrics. These lyrics makeup the perfect anthem for those men who have that one, err, interesting woman in their life but love that about them.

“Ain’t nothing bout you baby I wanna change

Girl you’re Miranda Lambert-crazy

and I like you that way.”

Canaan is continuing to prove us that he is not running out of creativity and that he can still craft amazing songs. This single is so promising that Canaan is always going to deliver bigger, better songs.


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