Auidi Aquez (@auidimusic) – “My Drug”

Singer/Songwriter Auidi Aquez (@auidimusic) releases his new single titled “My Drug.” Using drugs as a metaphor for women and how valuable women truly are, Auidi wanted to show women that they are loved and valued. The song “My Drug” exemplifies his feelings on this track and many others as Auidi gives his praise to the females.

“I really enjoyed making this project. Lately, I’ve realized how scarce music with a meaning has become. Nowadays there are so many songs that do not promote how valuable women truly are. In my eyes- love, honesty, and happiness should be more of a focus. We very rarely see work that portrays relationships in a positive light. This is why I thought it was time to show women that they are loved and valued. Through all my songs, including this one, I would like to show that I am a diverse artist driven by my passion to share my experiences and beliefs with the world.“